An Eternal Perspective


Recently, I have been praying about always keeping an eternal mindset in everything I do.  This includes my home, my family, my friends, and my job. Now as I’m sure you’re already aware, I work for the Mission Shop– a store that seeks to help people in whatever way we can with our profits. This store was birthed out of an eternal perspective, and that didn’t hit me until a couple weeks ago.

Anyone can easily say that being a part of something that seeks to help people is a good thing, because it is! The difference comes when you insert an eternal mindset on the good things you’re doing to help people. It creates a significance to your life that is special and undeniable. I know that my job sells items to give the profits away to those who need it more than we do. And not just domestically, but internationally. But I also know that my job gives more than worldly necessity– it helps to take the Gospel around the world.

Living with an eternal mindset makes everything you do important. God uses this perspective to show us how we are significant in this life, no matter where He has us. Whether you work at a grocery store, or in an office, or as a top executive; God placed you where you are to live with an eternal mindset to help those around you. You might not be able to see the harvest of your labor, but one day, you will. Make it count.

That’s my challenge to you today and this week. Sobering, but so purposeful.

Make it count.


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PS: if you want to learn more, visit our parent website here.



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