The Why


The story of why the Mission Shop came to be is one that is amazing and completely watched over by the Lord. I love telling this story– it’s short and sweet.

The Mission Shop was formed out of the burden of a few praying hearts to help others around the world, and at home, much more.  These people looked around the world, and wanted to create a means by which we could take funds from selling clothing and fashion items and give the profit to people who need it much more than us.

Hence, the Mission Shop.

These faces. These smiles. These people. They are our why.

We might not be the biggest, fanciest, or prettiest store, BUT at least we know from the bottom of our hearts that what we do makes a difference for the better! I love that this is the basis of the Mission Shop. I love that these people remain at the heart of what we do here. I love that I get to be a part of this, and I am so blessed by it.

If it suits your fancy, check out our eBay and Poshmark sites! I love finding things that suit peoples’ style, and hopefully you’ll find something in our online outlets!

Until next time,


Mission Shop Team


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